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Bali Adventure is one of the tourism subject that can be used as a choice of activities when tourists vacation in Bali.

Even the various adventure tourism options or adventure in Bali combined with outbound programs, outing and gathering.

Some adventure tours or adventure in Bali are: Camping, Cycling, Canoeing, Trekking, ATV, Tubing, Watersport (Banana Boat, Jet Sky, Parasailing etc.), Paintball, 4 WD Adventure, Jeep Safari Tour, VW Safari Tour and so forth.

The island of Bali as we already know is the island that belongs to a small island in Indonesia, so for Adventure Bali as a holiday option in Bali.

Bali Adventure Tours

It is very possible to choose not only one type of activity, because the distance from a tourist area Adventure Bali to other areas can be taken with a relatively short time duration.

This choice of adventure activities is always evolving as the idea of an adventure fantasy that will never be exhausted

Water Sports

Bali Adventure Tours

Interested in the Island of Gods, Bali, certainly not apart from beautiful beach tourist destinations.

Not only a place for local tourists, the beauty and exotic of Bali also makes this island become a tourist destination for many foreign tourists.

There are many choices of water sport activities

Sunrise and sunset panorama combined with white sand and wave froth is not the only one that became the attraction of beach tourism destinations in Bali, including watersport or air sports.

No exaggeration if Bali is called a paradise watersport. Because, in Bali, there are more than 10 watersport hits that you must try.

If you want to play watersport in Bali, one of the beaches that is right for you is Tanjung Benoa Beach. Undoubtedly, a visit to Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali, will make you feel truly in the water sports paradise!

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ATV/ Quad Bike Ride Adventure

If you want to enjoy Bali's nature in a slightly different way, Bali ATV Ride might be an interesting alternative.

Bali Atv Ride Adventure is a fun out bound tour and also challenges your adrenaline riding a motor that has four wheels. ATV actually stands for all terrain vehicle (all-terrain vehicle).

Perhaps because of its tract-like shape, Russian tourists often call it a mini tractor. As the name implies, ATV is able to pass through various fields.

Bali ATV Ride Adventure is one of the adventure tours that are enjoyed by domestic and foreign tourists
Bali Adventure Tours

Bali ATV ride is one of the adventure tours that are enjoyed by domestic and foreign tourists who want to pit your balls in Bali,

besides you can go around while enjoying the scenery of the countryside which is still ( offcourse ) beautiful and also natural.

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Rafting Adventure

Bali Adventure Tours

One of the activities or adventure in Bali is the most popular if tourists from both foreign and domestic tourists is rafting.

So many enthusiasts rafting activity in Bali for many things. Like guaranteed safety and security factors, service factor and river character that is perfect for beginners.

On the island of Bali there are many rivers that serve as recreational objects in the form of rafting activities or commonly called rafting.

Sports rafting is a fresh water sport where we are brought across the river flow with the insistence of a large river flow that is able to trigger our adrenaline.

In sports rafting is not only required the prime physical but also teamwork during the river flow to the rushing to finish at the edge of the river.

In Bali there are three popular rivers that are used for this rafting activity, the river is Telaga Waja river, Ayung River and Bakas River. And there are some more challenging rivers and may be your reference to do this rafting adventure later.

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Cycling Adventure

Cycling Adventure tour in Bali is a series or one of the most exciting activities that combines elements of sport, education that makes the holiday experience in Bali more memorable with a few different ways, where you are invited to get to know Bali's fascinating natural diversity and community life in Bali.

Bali Bicycle Tour or Bali Cycling Adventure is one of the fun sport activities. Besides aiming to maintain a healthy body, cycling can also increase our interaction with the surrounding environment.

Cycling in Bali has been used as one of the adventure tour that is nicely packed into a vacation option with outdoor recreation and interesting adventure.

Bali Adventure Tours

Supported by equipments and gears with international standards, with a high level of security and an experienced cycling guide service, this cycling activity can be one of the alternative tourism activities to fill a holiday event in Bali.

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Paragliding Adventure

Bali Adventure Tours
img by australiangeographic.com.au

Bali as an international destination has various types of tourist attractions. Start a relaxed nature, to the adrenaline.

One of the tourist attractions that encourage adrenalin as well as very interested tourists is paragliding.

No doubt, paragliding is one of the activities in Bali that has many fans. Yes, this tourist activity offers a way to enjoy the beauty of Bali Island from different sides.

Because you will enjoy different sensations by flying over the expanse of the sea even the hills.

And also, you will be spoiled with two pleasures at the same time that pamper the eyes with beautiful natural scenery, and adrenaline rush that makes everything feels tense as well as fun.

Guaranteed, 15 minutes in the air will become a memorable moment in your life.

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Trekking Adventure

This Adventure will definitely really get you closer to the Bali mother nature.

Crossing rivers, valleys, oceans and mountains will be an unforgettable experience for those of you who like outdoor challenges.

The shade of rustic trees will relieve your fatigue for days of daily activities.

A trip on a mountain, through a tropical rainforest, combines the lake, where flora and fauna flourish.

Experiencing crossing the lake with calm water in a traditional boat.

Bali Trekking Adventure Tours

This exotic journey into the heart of Bali nature that offers spectacular natural beauty and beautiful panoramic photography.

There are some additional tense activity references, which are also included in this nature exploration category, and they include the following Cliff Jumping, Natural Slide, open air Treetop Activity and Canyoning.

Cliff Jumping Adventure

Bali Jumping Cliff Adventure

Try out the sensation of free fall from a steep cliff with stunning beauty.

Natural Slide Adventure

Bali JNatural Slider Adventure
image via kaioshk

Waterfall with natural slide above rocky cliff. A fairly rapid water discharge will hit the body to descend the waterfall flanked by the rocks of the river.

Treetop Adventure

Bali Treetop Adventure
image via Lathifatharani,-Balibuddies

Adventure recreational activities with a number of circuits are available, which invites you to play, full of challenges and performed in the wild.

Canyoning Adventure

Bali Canyoning Adventure
image via dicoveryourindonesia.com

Canyoning or Canyoneering is an extreme adventure sport that will invite you to adventure down the canyon and the chasm following the flow of the river.

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Extreme Swing Adventure

Bali Swing Adventure Tours

The island of Bali can be said to have a very complete tourist facilities, ranging from water sports rides, selfie tours to the campground.

Now, tourism activities in Bali back pampered with a tourist facility is quite extreme called Bali Swing.

As the name implies, Bali Swing means swing. So, this tourist rides provide swings as its main destination.

  The provided swing that there is not even half-hearted, the height can reach up to 35 meters, so it can provide a fun sensation for fans of extreme activity.

You will get the sensation of swinging above the altitude, as well as can enjoy the scenery beneath it.

Where this tour is dedicated to presenting a natural landscape that is very natural, thick with rural feel of Bali with many shady trees.

And of course it'll spoil the eye for you lovers of natural beauty. .

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Camping Adventure

Bali, an island that offers all the natural wealth that is not found in any hemisphere.

For that, it is not wrong if many people who want to enjoy the beauty and majesty of nature in Bali by holding a camping activity here.  Not only tourists in the country, but foreign tourists also flocked to witness the natural beauty of Bali.

The island of Bali is presenting a variety of beautiful places that you must enjoy during the holidays on this island.

Many ways to enjoy the beauty of such as by participating in Bali tour around the various attractions offered. There is also a way to stay with a tent for camping in these places.  

Bali Trekking Adventure Tours

So you can enjoy the beauty that is offered with more leverage and perfect. Especially the natural atmosphere at night, what it feels like in the open with the calm of the sky and the stars and away from the crowds.

If the choice of sleep at the hotel is very ordinary or boring you, then, why not just camping? It would be a new and exciting experience, wouldn't it?

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Canoeing Adventure

Bali Canoeing Adventure Tours

Enjoy the beauty of the beach in Bali, not just sit back looking at the waves pounding each other.  

There is more exciting that we can do on the beach in addition to these activities ie play canoeing.

The canoe game is a water game by using a tool that resembles a small boat called a canoe.

Kano or canoe is a small and narrow boat, which is usually driven by human power in the form of a paddle. The number of pengayuhnya depending on the size of the canoe itself.

In general for beaches in Bali there are two types of canoes, the first is a single canoe (only for one pedal) and double canoe (for two pedawakers).

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