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Bali Splash Waterpark is located on Jalan Pantai Berawa, Br. Tegal Gundul, Canggu Bali, is located in one area with the New Canggu Club. The location is quite strategic in the tourist area of Canggu which is growing quite rapidly, which is why this place is quite crowded with tourists, especially during holidays and weekends.

If you schedule a tour in the direction of the Tanah Lot tourist attraction located in the direction you can stop at Splash Waterpark Bali to enjoy a variety of interesting games. Or you can specifically plan to come to Splash Bali Water Park, because this is indeed worth visiting as one of the tourist destinations for you and your family.

Various types of games are provided at Splash Waterpark Bali not only for adults but also children, so this water park is ideal for family tourism. Vehicles provided internationally, including safety standards, various slide and slide activities provided provide a sensational challenge and are enough to enhance your adrenaline.
One of them is the "Giant Racer" has 4 tracks that are located side by side with an altitude equivalent to the level of five buildings that you can slide on the 90 meter track, this game will definitely spur your heart rate.

If you have health problems in the heart, it is not recommended to join the game. With these 4 tracks you can race and glide along with your friends or family, adding to the excitement. A number of water slides are provided at the Bali Splash Waterpark which can also enhance your adrenaline such as the waterslide Super Bowl, Crazy Creek and Big Red, all of which will add to your enjoyment during your holiday in Bali.

As for children, it is also available with shorter height and long tracks, the slides provided are also smaller so the game will be safer, this will be quite interesting to be played by children, because besides they can enjoy swimming pools for children children but also a number of rides, can be enjoyed freely, such as Splash Playground for small children there is a lagoon pool that is loved by children. So that what is provided at the Splash Waterpark Bali is the most ideal tourist spot for children.

In addition to various types of games for both adults and children, Splash Waterpark Bali provides dining facilities after a day of playing water, of course you want to enjoy cuisine served by food and beverage outlets here, various international menus are provided. The newest water park in Bali also provides open spaces including a closed area for families to rest. This water park provides bookings for groups, such as family events, corporate events and children's parties.

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Bali Urban Water Park Tourism

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Splash Water Park Bali

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