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The Magic House or World of Magic Bali rides offer new offers for you locals or tourists visiting Bali to enjoy different types of tourist attractions. World of Magic Bali is a place for recreational homes that provide magic shows, locations or addresses of these places on Jalan Ngurah Rai by No.100 Pemogan village, Denpasar, Bali. The concept of the show is certainly different from the others in Bali, making it the premier magic show with a different concept in Bali.

Visitors can enjoy magic shows by going around each of the following rooms to treat different attractions, even visitors themselves can take advantage of several rides provided for playing magic and can find out the secrets of certain magic tricks.

There are 10 different rooms in World of Magic Bali such as The History of Magic room, Grim reaper room, Do it your self (DIY) room, Dizy tunnel, Show time room, Egyptian room, Winter room, Levitation room, Las Vegas room and Play ground, you can enjoy all the details in each room.

In the first room, you can start to get to know the world of magicians or magic while taking selfies, then you start to enter the room to watch magic shows, only 7 minutes in one room for 10 spectators . After watching magic shows in each room, arrived at the last room, here will be uncovered 3 pieces of magic secrets, so you can find out the magic tricks that have been played, including while taking pictures, capturing your game, like a professional magician.

With different concepts in each of these rooms you can watch different magic shows, so that it will be your own experience and attraction, like selfie photos, this Magic House is also an ideal place to take pictures and show yourself as a new illusionist. After enjoying everything, you can buy souvenirs as a memento.

Enjoy space after room, you will be accompanied by a guide or guide. Magic House or World of Magic Bali. This new tourist attraction is open every day from 08.00 - 20.00 hours, so at least your last hour must be at 19.00.

World of Magic Bali Tourism

World of Magic Bali in addition to presenting magic attractions in each room is different, but interestingly enough visitors are provided with a number of tools to try magic tools, like a professional magician you come up with a number of amazing illusion games, who love selfie photos that moment certainly the right camera shot.

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Bali Urban 3D Museum Tourism

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