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This new recreation area offers 3-dimensional paintings with cheap and affordable ticket prices. The 3D Interactive Art Museum (I AM) Museum, better known as the I Am Bali Museum. The location is very strategic in downtown Denpasar, if you are scheduled to tour Bali and city tour packages then the Museum of I Am Bali is worthy to be part of your next destination.


I Am Bali 3D Painting and Reverse Museum
3D Museum I Am Bali is one of the largest three-dimensional painting museums in Bali, even though claimed to be the largest in Indonesia, a tourist attraction in Bali officially opened on 12 September 2016, still classified as a new tourist attraction, a strategic location in the center Denpasar city makes visitors or easier to access it. Located on the lower floor of the Bajra Sandhi Puputan Monument, Niti Mandala Renon, Denpasar. Bajra Sandhi Monument itself is one of the popular tourist attractions in the city of Denpasar, stands majestically in the middle of a green field which is a destination for citizens to relax or light sports and is famous as a car-free day area on Sundays, so in one area you can enjoy types of recreational activities. This tourist spot is ideal for families, especially children and is liked by young people.

Paintings at the 3D Museum Am Am ​​Bali

The I Am Bali 3D Museum besides the biggest also presents a special room that is upside down and also a sloping room is also an advantage of this three-dimensional museum in Denpasar. For the collection of 3-dimensional paintings displayed there are about 102 paintings with various themes such as prominent figures, animals, cartoons, fantasies, natural atmosphere including among others local culture such as ogoh-ogoh.

I Am Bali will be a special place for family vacations, here you can watch and combine with three-dimensional paintings You can choose various types of paintings provided, in room 3 upside or upstairs presents special effects to display images full of sensations like how you are in the room upside down compared to the force of gravity, and when you walk to the side or look like a spider, besides that there is also a room that can be displayed as if you were an illusionist, there is a shampoo and magic board (skate borad tilt) not interesting enough. All of that is guaranteed that your road show in downtown Denpasar will be fun.

Three-dimensional Museum - 3D Denpasar Bali

The 3D Interactive Art Museum (I AM) Museum of Bali is attractive, modern designed to look beautiful, comfortable and pleasant. To enter this attraction you are not allowed to wear footwear, because in addition to making dirty floors, you can also make floor or painting abrasions, and your feet can stay clean.

So visitors are asked to remove footwear and and wear socks (or buy socks on the spot). In the room there are officers or staff who can help direct the shooting, even they are happy to help take pictures for you.

Wisata Urban foto 3D di Bali Referensi pengambilan foto 3D di wisata foto 3D di Bali

The room is comfortable with air conditioning, and there are also photo references that can be used as examples for how to take photos like the position of an angel and so on.

Visiting I Am Bali's three-dimensional museum, very closely related to fashion and shooting or photos when you are in a painting, can be said to be a photography tour so unfortunately if you don't bring a camera, you might need to consider your appearance or fashion, which is no less important is a facial expression in a photo shoot, so you can perform together with existing 3-dimensional paintings and camera shots can be more satisfying.

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IAM Bali 3D Museum

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