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Bali deserves to be a tourist favorite because of the many amazing places in Bali, especially its natural attractions. Not only is the beach beautiful, but Bali also has amazing waterfall tours. The Buleleng area is a paradise of waterfalls in Bali. You can find many beautiful waterfalls there. One of them is Curug Munduk which is not only beautiful but also nutritious. The waterfall contains with sulfur

Because of its location in the middle of the mountain, Munduk Waterfall has a very cool and pleasant atmosphere. In fact, we can guarantee that anyone who comes here will not want to go home from this place because of the beautiful scenery around the waterfall. Besides around the waterfall there are also some lush trees such as cloves, coffee, and also chocolate. No wonder the trees around this waterfall are plantation trees because the village of Munduk is a village that is famous for its rich plantation commodities and fertile land.

As mentioned above, the distance you can travel to get to the waterfall is very far and can be reached by taking a vehicle. If your vehicle is a four-wheeled vehicle then before you get to the location you have to park the vehicle 400 meters before the location and take a trip on foot or by motorcycle taxi. You don't need to worry because you can't find an ojek because here there are already several motorbike taxis ready to take you to the Munduk waterfall. And if you prefer to walk to the waterfall then that won't be a problem either because the beautiful scenery will accompany you during the trip.

When you arrive at the location you will be presented with a 20 meter waterfall with very neat water falls. Below this waterfall is a large circle that causes a slope of land. Even so, the pool below the waterfall is quite small and only enough for bathing. There is also another uniqueness that is around the waterfall is the number of types of beautiful plants that only exist in tropical forests and can not live in non-tropical places such as flowers and colorful trees.

No wonder almost everyone is amazed by the island of Bali. In addition to having a culture of unique natural beauty in it is also very much and still natural. If studied more deeply, there are still many potential natural attractions that are hidden and may not be known by tourists.

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