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Dedari Waterfall is located in Sambangan Village, Sukasada District, Kab. Buleleng, including the tourist area of North Bali. Also known as Dedari Waterfall, the distance from Denpasar city to around 85 km takes around 2.5 hours to travel via the Bedugul route, where the location is quite far from Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport.

Dedari's own words mean angels, symbolizing beauty. Likewise with the Dedari waterfall on Sambangan it's like spreading charm, presenting elegance and beauty that can make visitors feel at home for long. For those of you who like outdoor adventure tours then this place can be your next destination.

Go to the location of the waterfall in the highlands, prepare the right stamina, because the location and location is far enough from the parking lot of your vehicle, if the car park is further away from the motorcycle parking lot. Starting with the path, then crossing the wooden bridge with bamboo knits, from the bridge you can see the river flow is quite heavy and also the green around it, because it travels through a green forest full of tropical trees.

The surrounding natural atmosphere since it looks calm and green and feels shady, makes your adventure more memorable, so your trip will not be tiring, especially if your tour is with other colleagues. Along the way you can ask the locals, because you have not yet clear instructions to go to Dedari waterfall.

Arriving at the Dedari waterfall you will be greeted by beautiful views of the waterfall hidden from the crowd, the impression of peace and quiet as if you can relieve fatigue and fatigue, the visitors are still quiet, perfect for relaxing, more privacy so you can enjoy this place more freely maximum, whether it's just a selfie photo that is relaxed, or soaking in a waterfall

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