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Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Ubud is an interesting place and is visited by many tourists. Especially foreign tourists who want to feel the typical rural atmosphere on the island of Bali. This place makes Bali a tourist destination with unique cultural arts, beautiful natural scenery, and a safe environment.

Tegalalang is one of the best terraces in Bali. Rice terrace, with neatly tiled plots. It looked like a ladder with green rice plants. Surrounded by many palm trees as if framing Tegalalang area with a more beautiful, natural and charming scenery. This is amazingly beautiful.

This location is also known as Ceking Rice Terrace, because it is located in Ceking Hamlet, Tegalalang District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. When you visit Tegalalang, whenever the time is on all occasions, whether the fields are still hijacked, the nursery, or even the harvest, the landscape atmosphere is still amazing.

Because the location is on the main edge of the road, so parking is still on the shoulder of the road. However, there is a parking attendant who arranges it so there is no need to worry about your vehicle. There is no entrance fee for tourists. But enough to pay for a motorcycle or car parking ticket of Rp. 1000 / vehicle.

For visitors to Tegalalang, a special place has been provided to witness the expanse of green rice fields so that you can perfectly capture the moments and scenery presented. If you want more time to rest, you can relax in restaurants around the location while enjoying a warm drink by seeing Tegalalang's still beautiful natural rice fields.

If you want to know more about the rice fields in Tegalalang, you can also go straight down to the rice fields along the rice fields here. Closer to the irrigation system (Subak), rice processing, seeding, maintenance and harvest time.

Because this tegalalang multilevel tourist attraction faces east, the best time to visit is when it is late afternoon, when the sun has begun to sink westward.

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Bali Natural Rice Terrace Tourism

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