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Kintamani is one of the attractions in Bali, which has cool mountain air with panoramic views of Mount and Lake Batur. The most favorite area is the Penelokan village of Kintamani district, this village is located on the edge of the Caldera of Mount Batur, this place is a place that looks very beautiful to see the sights of Mount Batur with a lake.

Although the mountain is not too high, but the mountain is still active, the volcano erupted several times until a major eruption, when it occurred in 1917, where eruptions had taken thousands of lives also destroyed hundreds of houses of his Old Batur village. existence at the base of the Batur Caldera.

The remaining residents fled to the village of Batur, Pura Ulun Danu, located on the valley floor of Mount Batur, also moved to the village of Batur because it was now occupied, but until now Pura Ulun Danu Batur in this penolokan is still the center of worship activities for local residents and Bali.

Mount Batur is one of the most popular climbing places in Bali. For those of you who are the first climbers, before you plan to climb Mount Agung, Batur can be the first place to climb, the normal trip to the summit is around 2 hours from the starting point, the time chosen by the climbers is in the morning. to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise.

Occupying the central part of the mountains and the Bali highlands, the temperature of the Kintamani area, Bangli is quite cold and even very cold at night for the Kintamani region, the land is quite fertile, orange trees, coffee and chocolate can develop optimally, so it is not surprising that tangerine production the highest is Kintamani.

The charm of its beautiful nature creates the impression of peace, the expanse of valley views as well as Lake Batur is the largest lake in the Bali island area and Mount Batur one of the active volcanoes, standing in the middle of the caldera makes this area one of the most favorite tourist destinations, as well as requests.

The distance to this area is around 2 hours drive from Denpasar or Karangasem or Lovina. The Jejaring Restaurant along penelokan offers the advantages of the natural beauty of the valley and mountains, proving to be very popular, while relaxing enjoying lunch, visitors are treated to stunning natural scenery.

To visit this tourist attraction in Bali, tourists can join the Kintamani package - Ubud full day tour we have arranged a route. Or tourists can rent a car in Bali + driver + fuel determines your own direction from the route you want to choose can also be self steering if you already know the route / road to the tourist attractions.

To be more livable, stay a few days here, because in addition to the beautiful scenery of Penelokan village you can also trekking to the summit of Mount Batur by using the services of a local guide or guide.

This area in certain seasons is usually the rainy season, will be accompanied by the fall of fog. Kintamani is located in Bangli district. Bangli is a district located in the center of the island, one of the districts that has no coastal coast, located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, causing this area to be very cold, plants can thrive and develop.

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