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Toya Devasya Hot Spring

Toya Devasya Hot Spring as Bali Natural Hot Spring Tourism

The natural hot spring Toya Devasya where this place is professionally managed is well organized and located on the shores of Lake Batur so that every visitor can chat in the bathing pool provided, or while enjoying drinks and food accompanied by beautiful views of the lake and Mount Batur.

Wisata Kolam Air Panas Toya Devasya di Bali

Toya Devasya in Toya Bungkah gives you a more comfortable and convenient opportunity to experience natural hot water therapy, this place is comfortable and clean, from the bath you can see the beauty of Lake Batur, and relax relieve fatigue. Enjoying a tour or weekend getaway with family or children, Toya Devasya is the ideal place, giving children the freedom to play water with natural hot water therapy and feel closer to nature. In Toya Devasya there is 1 large swimming pool and 4 small pools, also a play area for children, here is equipped with several hot water showers.

Pancuran Wisata Kolam Air Panas Toya Devasya di Bali

Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring not only provides a hot spring pool, but also a resort and camping ground options for where you live, so you can feel the atmosphere of a different nature, calm and comfortable away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No, also Toya Devasya also provides camping or camping facilities, so you can blend in with the nature of Kintamani which feels cool during the day and cold at night and the air is clean and far from pollution. Many interesting experiences offered by Toya Devasya that can complement your tour at the foot of Mount Batur.

Berkemah di Wisata Kolam Air Panas Toya Devasya di Bali

This Toya Devasya Hot Spring in Toya Bungkah does offer a complete vacation offer, not only soaking in a hot tub with a little extra cost or extra you can enjoy a bicycle tour package or can play on the lake water with a boat rental at this place, all available can refresh your mind for the following day's activities. Toya Devasya offers many optional packages to complement your holiday with a variety of impressive outdoor activities.

Berkemah di Wisata Kolam Air Panas Toya Devasya di Bali

Activity riding a bicycle in the Mountain Geopark and Lake Batur area

Berkemah di Wisata Kolam Air Panas Toya Devasya di Bali


The activity of canoeing or kayaking that can be chosen in the area of Mount Geopark and Lake Batur

Location and Access to Toya Devasya Bali Natural Hot Spring Tourism


The address and location of the Toya Devasya on Jalan Puri Bening, Toya Bungkah Village, Kintamani, Bangli. The distance from Denpasar is around 65 km, while from the Kintamani tourist attraction in Penelokan village around 7.5 down the hill valley, along the way you are treated to views of Mount Batur and valleys with mountain rocks.


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Bali Natural Hot Spring Tourism

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Toya Devasya Hot Spring

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