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Banjar Natural Hot Spring

Banjar Natural Hot Spring as Bali Natural Hot Spring Tourism

Banjar Hot Water is more visited by tourists, especially those who live in the area of North Bali such as Lovina, which is closer, but if you are in the South such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur or near the airport, then you can package tours by visiting a number of attractions located on the tour.

Banjar hot spring location, located in Banjar village, Buleleng Regency. The distance from the center of Singaraja is around 30 minutes drive, while from Denpasar it takes around 3 hours by car.

The attraction of hot water baths in Banjar is indeed taken into account, becoming a compulsory tourist destination in the North Bali region. The existence of natural hot water has been known hundreds of years ago, even during the occupation of the Japanese army in Bali, it has been used as a bathing place, this area is well organized, creating a pond equipped with warm water, so you can enjoy the warmth of the water, can feel hot water Also surrounded by neatly arranged gardens, so visitors will stay at home for a long time.

Banjar hot springs have 3 pools, including; the first pool is located at the top with a pool length of about 12 meters and a width of 1.5 meters, a depth of 1 meter, has 8 bathrooms, then the second pool is located under the first pool, about 12 x 10 square meters wide, the first pond water flows through 5 Pancoran fruits go to this second pool, the depth varies from 1 meter near the castor to 2 meters, so children need to be supervised.

The third hot spring is separated from the first and second ponds, the pool is shallow but has 3 castles with a height of about 3 meters, so that the hot water from three castings provides natural body therapy, such as relaxation massage.

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Bali Natural Hot Spring Tourism

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