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Campuhan Hills Ridge Walk

Campuhan Hills Ridge Walk as Bali Hills and Valley Tourism Object

Campuhan Hill of Ubud which offers a beautiful natural view of the valley with a jogging track. In this area there is a temple called Gunung Lebah Temple, so this area is also known as the Mountain of the Bee Mountain, the beauty it offers makes it a part of tourism in Bali.

The location is right behind the hotel, so there is no sign of a hidden sign indicating the existence of the Campuhan Hill tourism object in Ubud, maybe this is what causes this place to be less well known, although its beauty can be compared to other Bali attractions and refresh the eyes and minds of visitors, especially for those who like adventure trips, Gunung Lebah hills or Campuhan Ubud must be visited.

The Bukit Campuhan Ubud tourist attraction has a jogging track that can only be accessed on foot or by bicycle, because there are several steps to get to this area, so that enough motorbikes are parked in the space provided. The track for trekking is right on the hill with a width of about 1.5 meters and a track length of about 2 km. Traveling in Bali, especially if you are on and planning to visit Ubud, it's a shame to miss this place.

Along the way along the trekking lane on Campuhan Hill in Ubud, you will be treated to views of a meadow that meets the surface of the hill. Gunung Gunung Lebah is also flanked by two tributaries, so the valley is made with tropical trees, in the distance it can be seen as a collection of beautiful palm trees and beautifully presented rice fields, in other parts there are a number of hotels and villas found on the cliffs of hills .

The place is calm and comfortable, free of air pollution, natural and refreshing. Bukit Campuhan Ubud tourist attraction, located in the holy area of ​​Gunung Lebah Temple, so that you visit here, especially young couples maintain ethics because they enter the sacred area which is certainly sanctified by local residents. Also take care of cleanliness and dispose of garbage in places that have been provided, because there is no officer on standby cleaning this place.

Campuhan Ubud Hill is known by other names such as Gunung Lebah Hill, Bukit Cinta and by foreign tourists known as Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Bali Natural Hills and Valley Tourism

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