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Nampo Hills of Heaven

Nampo Hills of Heaven as Bali Hills and Valley Tourism Object

The natural coolness of the mountains with beautiful hills and natural excursions often attract visitors. One tourist destination that is quite attractive to many visitors is Bukit Nampo. Nampo Karangasem Hill is one of the beautiful hills with extensive rice fields and green plantations.

Nampo Hill offers beautiful and unspoiled hilly natural scenery. With a wide view of rice fields and verdant plantations, the vast ocean stretches to the southeast, and the sun rises. Also seen is the ocean that stretches on the southeastern side of the island of Bali accompanied by white clouds that accompany it. Not only that, from this place it is also quite clearly seen the island of Lombok with Mount Rinjaninya in the morning. Likewise with the island of Nusa Penida. Even the lights and flickering in the city of Karangasem also further beautify the atmosphere.

Besides having a very beautiful view, there are interesting stories about the existence of the place as a tourist destination. In the past, this place was an ordinary hill and looked like it was not a tourist place. Then that changed because there was interference from the apes that lived around the area. Even the surrounding community was shocked by the attacks of the monkeys from the forest. Finally, the villagers decided to build a dumb bale that could be used as a hangout and just in case there was an attack from a monkey. And this bale is the forerunner of the tour.

Nampo Hill is also known as the hill of heaven. This tour is located in Banjar Tanahampo, Jungutan Village, Bebandem District. Actually, this tour is a tourist that is still new because of its inauguration in 2016. However, it is currently very crowded.

Nampo Hill Tourism is at an altitude of 795 meters above sea level. This makes this place a very interesting place and ideal for seeing beautiful scenery there. Bukit Lampu has a natural charm that is very beautiful and natural so this place is perfect for tourists who want a different natural atmosphere. Coupled with the air in the mountains that are still very cool makes this tour favored by many visitors, mainly from young people.

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Bali Natural Hills and Valley Tourism

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