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Sangeh ape forest area is very well organized, parking facilities are very wide and adequate, toilets and a number of rangers or tour guides are also prepared. Sangeh Bali Monkey Forest is a forest inhabited by hundreds of tame monkeys and dominated by nutmeg towering up to 50 meters, so it is very shady and feels cool, visitors will feel comfortable lingering in this forest, this nutmeg forest area reaches 14 hectares.

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According to residents, the forest in Sangeh is an artificial forest made intentionally by the kingdom of Mengwi as a secret garden in its making, to make it look more beautiful, nutmeg trees from the Gunung Agung area came to light, but eventually the park was known to residents and finally dismissed given the name Sangeh which means there are people seeing, and the nutmeg trees grow up to now become a protected forest and inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.

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In the forest area there is a temple called Pura Bukit Sari, the existence of the holy place indicates this place is sacred. Interesting thing in the area of ​​Sangeh Bali attractions, these forest monkey monkeys have a number of colonies or groups, and each group has a leader, and they have one of the highest leaders or a king becomes a monkey king in the Sangeh forest. Residents also believe that the forest-dwelling monkeys are duwe (belonging) apes from the Bukit Sari Sesuhunan, so that residents do not dare to interfere with their existence.

If you visit here you can ask the forest officer to find out which king of the forest is. Of course the monkey king has the largest body, the strongest, has the charisma and the elder, the monkey king is also given privileges such as the opportunity to get food until satisfied and also the right to marry female apes, where he lives in the Bukit Sari temple area. . Want to take pictures with forest-dwelling apes, you can ask for help from local guide services, so you feel safe and comfortable. Beautiful nature with tall trees, this area is also often used as a place for taking prewedding photos.

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Sangeh Monkey Forest

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