Balangan Beach as a Bali Natural Beach Tourism

Visiting the island of Bali for a trip is indeed a pride. Many of the sights are amazing and offer many exceptional accommodations. If the holiday to the island of Bali, a place that must be visited by tourists is the beach.

Bali has many beaches, ranging from southern to northern ends. In this paper will be discussed about Balangan beach, Bali which has a beautiful panorama.

This beach, is one of the beaches located in the Village Unggasan, Jimbaran Village, District South Kuta, Badung, Bali. The distance to this beach from Ngurah Rai Airport takes about 40 minutes. Beach balangan location is quite far from the center of the crowd. But for some wisatawn who want to enjoy the serenity, this beach is one of the right beach.

Balangan Beach is adjacent to the Dreamland beach facing north so activity at Ngurah Rai Airport will be visible in the distance. In the morning, the fishing atmosphere is loading and unloading the catch into one of its own uniqueness if visiting Balangan beach. The residents around the beach is indeed dominant to work as a fisherman. So do not be surprised if you find a lot of traditional fishing boats parked on Balangan beach.

Balangan Beach is also a favorite location for surfers. The waves are challenging to make the surfers want to enjoy the pleasure of standing on a surfboard with accompanied by big waves. especially surfers who come from Australia in droves to conquer this beach waves. Selairing with the progress of the times, around the coast have been built cafes that provide a variety of food and beverages. So no need to worry to find a place to buy consumption. The price is also affordable because the cafes around the beach is still managed by the local community.

This beach is very suitable for us who want to find peace. In addition, this beach is also very suitable to be a family vacation spot. We can invite children to play sand because sand texture in this place is quite fine.

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Balangan Beach Location