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Before the Pandawa beach became popular as it is today, by foreign tourists, Pandawa Beach is better known as "The Secret Beach", because it is located hidden behind a hill. But once there is access to the road by dredging the hill, then the beauty of this beach becomes more famous, especially with the limestone cliffs formed after making the road, looking harmonious combined with a charming appearance.

A distinctive feature of tourist attractions in Bali is the Pandawa family puppet statue on the limestone cliff, welcoming you before arriving at the Pandawa beach. Adequate road access and a large parking area, can accommodate cars and tour buses.

Simply entering the area from above you can see the beautiful beauty of Pandawa beach in front of your eyes, from a distance there are a number of tourists flying by following the paragliding recreation, which flies from the height of the Kutuh hill.

The beach is pure white sand, the waves are also calm with clear water, it is possible for tourists, to swim, sunbathe or relax under the beach umbrella while watching the beauty of the ocean and feeling the fresh air of the beach far from pollution.

Popular watersport games are canoeing, there are many canoe rental services on the beach. The last update we got, you can rent at a price of IDR 25,000 / hour for a capacity of 1 person, while canoes for a capacity of 2 people are pegged at IDR 50,000 / person, life jacket IDR 20,000 / hour / person. If you want a complete list of water sports matches, you can come to Tanjung Benoa tourist attraction.

There are many food and beverage shops at affordable prices, fresh coconut water, a favorite choice for tourists who feel the sun's heat. The length of the beach is about 1 km facing south, along the beach there are beautiful lined beach umbrellas.

Pandawa Beach Bali, which was once dominated by foreign tourists, is now increasingly visited by domestic tourists, especially when holidays arrive and new year, you can feel how enthusiastic tourists are to be able to enjoy beauty more closely.

Visiting with children to the beach will provide an interesting experience for them, the best time is when the sun goes down and the waves start low at 1:00 a.m. local time, such as in the morning or evening, because during the day the beach area is hot, but don't worried about shade, including a beach umbrella that you can rent for Rp. 50,000, you can feel more comfortable.

Pandawa Beach does have complete facilities, a large parking lot, food and beverage stalls, restaurants, toilets, rent cellphone chargers, residential buildings, and also a Spa.

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