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The location of this beach is located in Medewi Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency, Bali. The West Bali area also has a beautiful beach. In addition to the stunning scenery, the beaches in West Bali are also often sought after by surfers. One of the beaches in West Bali is Medewi beach.

In general, Kuta beach is one of the destinations for surfers to break the waves. But we need to know if the beach area in West Bali also has a beach with waves that are quite challenging. One of them is Medewi beach. The distance is quite far from the city of Denpasar. For those of you who like challenges, this beach must be visited.

To reach Medewi beach area takes about one and a half hours from Denpasar City. The distance is approximately 70 kilometers. By using a motorized vehicle, the location of this beach is very easy to find. The distance between the highway and the shoreline is around 100 meters so we can see the beach from the side of the road. On the way, we will see a view of rice fields along the road and it is the main attraction for visitors.

Medewi beach area is a rocky area that has big waves. this makes surfing lovers very interested in coming to this beach. Here we will be able to find surfers both beginners and experts. The beach waves are not only large, but also long so it is perfect for surfing.

Not only surfing activities, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the beach by sitting on the sand beach while waiting for the sunset. Not only Kuta beach which has a sunset view, the sunset scenery is also not lost on Medewi beach. In addition, a row of traditional fishing boats that line the beach make the atmosphere on Medewi beach more natural.

Along with progress in tourism, around the coastal area hotels and restaurants have been built as well as public toilets. So visitors will not be confused about the problem of accommodation on Medewi beach.

Medewi Beach is very worth visiting if we want to walk and tour Bali. Traveling to the Island of the Gods, Bali really is one of a kind.

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