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Jimbaran Beach is located in South Kuta Regency, Badung Regency, Bali. The South Bali area is famous for its coastal tourism. The first destination of tourists who come to Bali is to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Not only foreign tourists who visit beaches in Bali, but many local tourists also want to enjoy the beach atmosphere on this island. Travel and sightseeing in Bali this time will bring to one of the beaches that are worth a visit if you are on holiday in Bali, namely Jimbaran beach.

Initially Jimbaran Village was a fishing village where the majority of the population worked as fishermen. But along with the progress of the times, investors saw the potential of the beach owned by Jimbaran Village. They consider this beach to be very good for the development of the tourism sector in this area. This is because the beach in Jimbaran Village has white sand and the sunset views are amazing. Since then, several hotels, villas and restaurants around Jimbaran beach have been built. In 1988 was the beginning of the development of tourism in this area. Meanwhile, in 1992, the famous five-star hotel had international facilities, Four Season Jimbaran.

From Ngurah Rai airport, the trip to Jimbaran Village takes around 15 minutes by motorized vehicle. The location of Jimbaran beach is not so far from the center of the crowd. Therefore, we can use various accommodations and use them here.

At present, the majority of the population around Jimbaran Village who initially worked as fishermen began to move to the tourism sector. The existence of the Four Season Jimbaran hotel and other class hotels makes people begin to move to become workers in the tourism sector.

Every day Jimbaran beach is always visited by tourists. They enjoy the beauty of the beach while enjoying a variety of seafood dishes. Along the coast, we will find many stalls selling seafood such as grilled fish, shrimp, crabs, and more. The prices offered also vary.

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