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Holidays on the Island of the Gods, of course there are many things that you can enjoy, especially this small island, for that you can arrange or schedule tours in Bali easily, whether you want to enjoy mountainous nature tours, terraced rice fields, beaches and also plantations or agrotourism many are now being developed. One of them is agro tourism in Bali Pulina.

Bali Pulina Bali Natural Agrotourism

Bali Pulina Natural Agro Tourism is located in Banjar Pujung Kelod, Sebatu Village, Kec. Tegalalang, Gianyar Regency,
This agro tourist attraction is close to Ubud, and in the same direction as Tegalalang tourist attraction which presents natural scenery from terraced rice fields and Kintamani, so those who want to arrange a tour program in Bali for Kintamani tourism objects, can come to this place, because of the trip in the direction of time travel can be closer and more efficient.

Bali Pulina agro tourism tourism is quite popular among tourists, travel agents, tour guides and tour drivers. The location is also very strategic in the tourist track area, making it easily accessible.

In the Tegalalang area itself, there are a lot of Luwak coffee agro tourism which is a tourist haven when on the way to or from Kintamani, they can find out the procedure for processing civet coffee, starting from how coffee is produced from selected coffee by a mongoose, then processing it traditionally.

Kopi Luwak is famous for its distinctive taste and is known as high-quality coffee, coffee from selected coffee beans selected by civets or mongoose, through the digestive process of mongoose, and coffee beans come out in the form of civet droppings, coffee beans are extracted and processed traditionally so they eventually become coffee powder can be brewed and enjoyed, of course with a more special and special taste. So it's not surprising that the original coffee produced from civet droppings is of high economic value, and is quite expensive for ordinary coffee connoisseurs.

Of the many agro-civet coffee tours in the Tegalalang area, Bali Pulina agro tourism feels quite special. Agro tourism, which opened in 2001 with an area of ​​around 1.5 hectares, was able to anesthetize tourists to approach and recognize the procedure of processing civet coffee, especially for those who are coffee lovers, agro tourism Bali Pulina in Tegalalang is a must for your next destination, here can feel how the sensation of enjoying genuine civet coffee and also possible to shop for souvenirs.

Bali Pulina Agrowisata Alam di Bali

Every visitor who comes to Bali Pulina will be given a coffee tester, which consists of a variety of coffee complete with the order and name and cassava chips as a complement. Then after visitors taste the tester, visitors will choose one of their favorite coffee flavors to be exchanged for vouchers that can be obtained when paying the entrance ticket.

Visitors who come in less than eight people will definitely get a coffee tester package like this. But visitors who come more than eight people or larger groups, will get an additional coffee tester with a multiple rule of eight people.

Another interesting thing in Agrowisata Bali Pulina is the beautiful and charming surrounding natural scenery, here you can be accompanied by a guide or guide accompanying around and explaining how Luwak coffee is produced, starting from the selection of coffee to keep the civet up, then take dirt and process it in the traditional way, tours around coffee and also chocolate plantations feel impressive especially when treated to beautiful natural scenery.

Beautiful scenery in beautiful natural forms and green, the atmosphere is cool apart from trees and plantations, this Tegalalang area is indeed cool. It feels calm and peaceful while watching the rice fields. green valleys with tropical trees, and quite interesting is a platform in the form of a wooden deck, which is intended to enjoy the natural surroundings and become an ideal place for selfies, a beautiful tourist attraction in Bali. So visiting Bali Pulina agrotourism you will be able to experience many things. This place can be one of the tourist destinations besides the beach.

The pavilion in the form of a wooden deck located in the Bali Pulina agro-tourism area, looks unique and natural combined with beautiful natural scenery around it, so it is not surprising the shape of a pavilion resembling a boat pawn is a lot to inspire other new Bali tourist attractions.

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Bali Natural Agrotourism

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Bali Pulina Agrotourism

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