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Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Performances

Barong and Keris Dance Batubulan Performances as Bali Traditional Dance Performances Tourism Object

Barong Bali Dance, one of the dance arts that developed on the Island of the Gods and became a favorite tourist spot. Performed every morning in Batubulan village, Gianyar and became the most popular art attraction by foreign and domestic tourists. The location is also strategic on tourist routes from Denpasar to Ubud and Kintamani. Being on vacation is not just watching the beauty of nature, but also at the same time knowing the artistic potential in it.

Tourists participating in the Bali tour with the Kintamani tour package, in general, the first agenda is to drive to the village of Batubulan to watch the Barong Keris Dance.

Batubulan itself is an art village that presents various works of art, in addition to the appreciation of Barong dance, and sculptures, especially the work of local sculptors producing stone sculptures, this artwork is seen in front of shops along the Batubulan highway.

The Barong Bali dance performance is an ancestral cultural heritage during the Pre-Hindu era, in Barong dance describes the battle between Barong which symbolizes virtue and Rangda symbolizes falsehood. In this event it is complemented by the antics of a number of volunteers and interacts with the audience, so that it can present attractive art and convey moral messages to each audience.

Batubulan Village Bali Barong Dance Staging Center
The most popular place for Barong Bali dance performances is the village of Batubulan, so enthusiastic tourists to watch the Barong dance, so there are a number of places and stages that can serve this dance. If you want to see it, you can contact a travel agent, because travel agents, especially those who handle tours in Bali, can provide the best place for you to be able to see the beauty and uniqueness of this Barong dance.

Barong is a figure of four-legged animal, in Bali itself there are known to be several Barong sexes such as Barong Ket, Barong Gajah, Asu (dog), Bangkal (pig). And displayed in the village of Batubulan is a type of Barong Ket dance (Keket), has costumes and treats more complete than other types of Barong. Costumes generally combine the form of tigers, lions and ox animals, in furry bodies combined with ornaments from mirrors. Barong dance costumes are played by two dancers known as interpreters of Saluk and Bapang, who are capable of compact and dynamic movements, front dancers play front legs and Barong heads while defenders play their feet and tails. so it presents the beauty of dance movements that make the audience amazed, coupled with interesting stories, the spectacle of this tour is able to provide a valuable holiday experience.

Barong dance is a sacred dance, which is also a cultural root of ancient Balinese heritage, the process of making tapel (masks) in Barong, by choosing materials from haunted places that have mystical powers, and choosing a good day in making, producing in works of art that high quality and has a strong magical aura. But now this dance is also performed for entertainment dances as can be seen every day in the village of Batubulan, but even though it is a permanent entertainment with magical elements.

In staging the Balinese Barong dance, accompanied by Balinese music called gamelan, a number of classical musical instruments such as Bethel and Gong kebyar accompany dances. At the opening of this dance, a monkey with an agile and funny movement that accompanies Barong, makes a funny gesture that invites the laughter of the audience, a comedy element very attached to this show, as well as mythological and describes the battle of virtue and lies.

In addition to the figure of Rangda and Barong, in the performance there is also a figure of Celuluk who is a subordinate of Rangda, a figure of monkey who is a wild animal, and quite interesting is a keris dance, a number of players with unsheathed kris. , in a trance state, this is quite tense.

Barong dance in Bali Batubulan, duration of one hour, starting at 9:30 a.m., so if you are scheduled to tour the eastern part of Bali which is one of the agenda visits to Batubulan to watch a dance performance, then at least 10 minutes before staging you are already on location. From the Kuta area the trip has begun at 08.30.

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Bali Dance Exhibition Tourism

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