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Trunyan Village is one of the traditional villages of Bali Aga in Bali or commonly called the village of Bali Mula. Trunyan village is taken from the name of the taru menyan tree which is widely found in the village. It is located in Trunyan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali. To reach the location of the Trunyan village there are two ways, namely by land or waterway, which is through Lake Batur.

If by land route visitors will pass a small road after turning off the highway. Along the way to the village Trunyan visitors will be spoiled with lush trees beside the left and right of the road, with a glimpse of the landscape of the vast lake Batur that visitors can see from behind the trees. To enter the village area Trunyan visitors must travel about 2.5 kilometers to the pier area.

If it is continued by the land route, the visitor must take another 2 kilometers with the condition of the road going down and uphill through mount Batur. Arriving in front of the entrance gate of Trunyan village you will see a stretch of vegetable plantations owned by residents on the right side of the road, while on the left side of the road there is a vast expanse of Lake Batur. Trunyan villagers mostly work as farmers, in the backyard of their homes they are usually filled with various kinds of plantation crops such as onions, chillies and lettuce. There are also those who work as fishermen.

Trunyan village has a very unique tradition in Bali, which is to bury the bodies of their families on the ground under the taru menyan tree. Even so there was no foul odor coming out from the bodies. The burial location in Trunyan village is about 2 kilometers from the residential area. The deceased person will be laid under a taru tree and then closed using a triangular bamboo fence. Complete with items belonging to the corpse during his lifetime.

Funerals in the village of Trunyan are divided into two namely sema way and sema nguda. Where sema wayah is a place for trunyan villagers who are married then die under normal circumstances. Entering the funeral area of ​​visitors will be surprised by the state of the corpse, which is only a skeleton lying in a cloth and a bamboo fence. While the horror at the funeral was supported by cold temperatures and large taru menyan trees that had lived decades ago.

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