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Tenganan is a unique village in Bali, a village that is quite remote and located in Manggis District, Karangasem Regency. To reach this village by road and about 60 km from downtown Denpasar, Bali. This village is very traditional because it can withstand very rapid technological changes today.

When other tourist locations in Bali are growing rapidly such as Kuta Beach, Amed Beach, which is very lively with the presence of hotels, cafes and nightlife, Tenganan Village still stands firm no matter the changing times.

This village survives with three boring village halls and traditional houses that line up exactly the same with each other. Not only that in this village the offspring are also guarded by marriage among fellow villagers.

Therefore Tenganan Village remains traditional and exotic, even though the Tenganan people receive input from the outside world but still it will not change quickly. Because the rules of the adat / awig-awig village have a very important role for the people of Tenganan Village. To enter Tenganan village is very unique.

Before entering the Tenganan Village area, we will go through the counter. There we were not required to pay because there were no tickets / tickets sold. Instead we make voluntary contributions to our officers in semi-permanent wooden buildings. Before entering tourists must go through a gate that is quite narrow enough to be passed by one person.

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