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Penglipuran village is a traditional village that was conjured up as a tourist village by the local government. This village is famous for being very clean and the environment is well organized. Penglipuran village is the number three village in the world which is named the best village. The village is located 45 km from Denpasar, located in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali.

The houses of residents in Penglipuran village are unique because in terms of architecture and spatial arrangement with the other houses. The environment of Penglipuran village is very beautiful and cool. Every morning and evening the people together clean the environment around their homes.

The most unique of this village is the houses of residents facing each other and this village offers the beauty of ancient Bali. Besides that the temple environment is very close to the residents' settlements. So when there is a religious ceremony, many people walk towards the temple while carrying offerings (banten) on their heads. Their houses are decorated with 3 meters tall penjor with various variations.

To get to the location very easily, visitors only have to follow the main road until they find the border of Penglipuran village. After that, visitors have to take a little more road to the village parking lot. Local and foreign visitors are charged a tariff to park their vehicles. When entering from the main gate of the village, visitors will find the Penglipuran village office first, then the local village banjar hall building will then enter the neighborhood of the residents' housing. Because it is a tourist village, locals usually sell food or drinks to tourists, some sell knacks to be used as souvenirs by tourists.

 The tourist penglipuran is not allowed to dispose of litter and damage plants and trees around. Smoking is also not permitted except in places that have been provided. Visitors' motorbikes and cars and local residents are placed behind villages with different routes. So that the Penglipuran village area is free from pollution. Penglipuran village also has a good waste management system. Every month mothers in Penglipuran village will gather to sort organic and non-organic waste. After sorting, organic waste will be processed into fertilizer while non-organic waste will be sold and stored in the village waste bank. Visitors will not be tired of walking around Penglipuran village with an area of ​​112 hectares because along the way visitors are presented with beautiful views of the residents' gardens and a clean and fresh environment.

The road in Penglipuran village is also very organized, using natural stones arranged in such a way as to produce patterned streets. Not only about home design and roads. The layout of the building is also very much considered in this village. For example the layout of a temple or a holy place that must be placed in the upstream section, a place to live or a house is placed in the middle and the fields or fields are placed downstream.

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Bali Cultural Village Tourism

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