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Wood Carving Crafts in Mas Village Gianyar

Wood Carving Crafts in Mas Village Gianyar as Bali Natural Wood Carpenter Crafts Village Tourism

Mas Village or Mas Village is a tourist village located in Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Mas Village has been well-known by tourists since time immemorial with various advantages they have, namely art and wood carving. Various types of artwork are produced, especially statues that are enjoyed by many visitors. The resulting statue is very beautiful with that imagination

Along the main street of Desa Mas you will find many artshops that sell handicrafts such as carvings, sculptures, and accommodate skilled workers as sculptors, sculptors and sculptors. It is very interesting and unique that makes Mas Village very crowded with domestic tourists abroad.

Tourists generally only look at the artisans who make artworks and not infrequently those who are interested in buying craft industries from the village community. The expertise of the residents of Desa Mas is not without the origins and history of the Guys.

From the history recorded and preserved by Mas Village, it was mentioned that it began when a Brahmana from Majapahit (Java Island) visited Bali. He wanted to defend Hinduism after being pressured by Islam on Java.

Brahmana or Pedanda Sakti Bawu Rauh's real name during Mas village provides many lessons in various fields ranging from religion, art culture, social, etc. to someone named Mas Wilis. After all the knowledge taught was considered to have been mastered by Mas Wilis, the Brahmana gave the title "Pangeran Manik Mas".

After that Prince Manik Mas held Pesraman or Geria with various kinds of equipment in honor of Brahmin services. Likewise, Brahmana, he then planted a tall stick (tangi tree) which is thought to be alive and can be found today to commemorate the event.

This tall tree is located in Pura Taman Pule Mas, from the incident that this area was called by Mas Village by Brahmana (Pedanda Sakti Bawu Rauh). Guys, besides being known for its various types of handicrafts, Mas Village's location is also very strategic so it's not surprising that this village is the main tourist destination in Gianyar Regency.

This tourist village rich in art crafts is located in Mas Village, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia. From the center of Denpasar, around 20 km and from the center of the city of Gianyar, about 10 km, while from the center of Ubud Regency is only 6 km away.

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Bali Wood Carving Crafts Cultural Tourism

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Wood Carving Crafts in Mas Village Gianyar

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