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Batuan Homemade Painting

Batuan Homemade Painting as Bali Painter Village Tourism Object

Batuan is a village in Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar district. This village is also famous as a village of artists. The famous Balinese dancer, I Made Jimat, comes from this village. In the field of painting, Desa Batuan succeeded in developing a style called rock style, which originated from experiments I Ngedon and I Patera in the 1930s. Black and white painting (Black and White)

The life of traditional paintings in this village was not spared from foreign painters, so a new pattern emerged in its development, which some art observers referred to as "Stone-style painting". The features of this painting are like:

The depiction of the atmosphere like the atmosphere of the night, the proportions and anatomy of humans and animals are depicted innocently, namely simple and decorative, using the perspective of flying birds, so that objects are seen from above, complete compositions, themes range from puppet stories, folk tales and Balinese life. Since the interaction and influence of foreign artists on Balinese artists in Batuan starting in the 1930s has given birth to a new Mazaz called modern Balinese painting. Here can be a clearer explanation of the birth of rock-style paintings, because it is expressly stated that since that time the beginning of Balinese painting found its new form.

From the description above and in terms of the history of development, it is clear that the style of painting in the style of Batuan starts from the traditional painting of wayang which has been influenced by Western painters. The influence of the elements of foreign culture is responded to by being selective and supported by creative and creative support.

If the elements of foreign culture are absorbed without selection, then there will be a loss of the nation's personality. In the art of painting the style of elements of foreign cultural rock brought by both foreign painters in the form of knowledge of anatomy, perspective, and realistic proportions absorbed by the painter Batuan, then combined with decorative elements of traditional painting. Although paintings in Bali in particular have been influenced by the influence of foreign painters.

Art is one element of culture, art appears and is the most important part of human experience in seeking, enjoying and admiring beauty, various forms of beauty that arise from the creative imagination of humans in an effort to reach his mind. satisfaction. Art is an expression of the experience of beauty or human aesthetic experience. Humans feel experience in looking at nature, because natural life as an embodiment of the idea of ​​beauty, so it becomes a symbol of beauty itself.

However, in human aesthetic manifestations it does not distinguish between symbols and symbols because of the aesthetic experience between symbols and symbolized as one (Suryadiredja 2003: 260). Humans always try to fulfill their desire to achieve happiness because to continue to enjoy and live in beauty, humans immortalize their aesthetic experiences in the form of art. Balinese art is a product of the conductive and intrinsic complexity between humans and Balinese people and their environment, which consists of artists, and artists who support Hindu art.

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