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Pasifika Museum is located in the Complex Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), Blok P Area, Nusa Dua, Bali. This museum has been established since August 8, 2006 and was founded by a French citizen who has long lived in Indonesia, Philippe Augier. It is not wrong if this museum is said to be the Largest Asia Pacific Art Museum because it displays various works of art from the Asia Pacific where Indonesia, especially Bali as the center.

Just an art center at the beginning, now it's turned into a fine museum, because the number of art collections continues to grow and is located in the center of Nusa Dua tourist attractions, making this museum often get visits from tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Although most of the art collections at Bali's Pasifika museum are permanent, art exhibitions are often held from Bali or other countries. Visitors to the Pasifika Museum in Bali, increasing every day, from hotel guests in the Nusa Dua area, schools, tourism industry players and of course most of them are art lovers.

Floor Plan Pasifika Bali Museum Nusa Dua

At the Pasifika Bali Museum, the room is separated according to the origin of the artist.

Room I: Indonesian Artists.
Room II: Italian artist.
Room III: Dutch artist.
Room IV: French artist.
Room V: Indo European Artists.
Room VI: Temporary Exhibition of Theo Meier.
Room VII: Artist Indo China.
Room VIII: Chen Shen.
Room IX: Premiere Art of Vanuatu.

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