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The Neka Museum is located on the Sanggingan Highway in Campuhan, the village of Kedewatan, the district of Ubud, the Regency of Gianyar Bali. If you like art exhibitions, Ubud is the most visited place. Many famous art museums in Ubud. One of them is the Neka Museum. The Neka Museum was opened in 1982. The museum was dedicated to a teacher who was very fond of collecting paintings, namely Suteja Neka.

With typical Balinese architecture in this building, the museum is visited by many local and foreign tourists. Besides that the building is very well maintained and the paintings in this museum are very neatly arranged. Until now there are around 350 paintings and will increase every year.

Both paintings are from Indonesian artists and foreign artists. To enter this museum visitors are charged an entrance ticket of 50,000. For children under 12 years free. Entering this museum, visitors will immediately be welcomed with paintings by Indonesian artists Affandi, besides that there are paintings by artist Bagong Kussudiardjo with paintings titled dancers made in 1990.

When entering the building, visitors will be amazed by the abstract sculpture of wood fossils. The statue is located in a building of four pillars that contains a museum nameplate. Good compliance makes the museum area look very good. Moreover, many trees around the museum area make the museum a cool place.

Not only exhibiting paintings and sculptures, the museum also exhibits typical Balinese sculpture in objects such as tables, chairs and doors made of wood. In addition to paintings there are also sculptures that fill this museum. Whether it's a marble statue or a statue of a large wooden fossil. Every corner in the museum room has a statue. There are statues with Balinese dancer themes and some are abstract. Bangunam museum consists of two floors. The top floor has one room for reception. Furthermore, the room on the lower floor is used to showcase artwork.

Outside the museum there is a stretch of rice fields. Which if visited during the planting of rice fields is like a stretch of green carpet that extends wide. Add to the attraction of the museum atmosphere.

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