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Bali Denpasar Museum is a museum that stores various relics of the past and ethnography of humans. The location of the Bali Denpasar museum located in the center of Denpasar has a collection of objects that reflect the life and development of Balinese culture from the past to modern times.

The Bali Denpasar Museum is located in a strategic location in the center of Denpasar, precisely on the street of Mayor Wisnu. To be able to do tourism in Bali Bali Museum, it takes around 45 minutes by motorized vehicle from the direction of Ngurah Rai Airport, with a distance of less than 13 km.

In addition, the front of the Bali Denpasar Museum faces the Puputan Badung field. Tourists can also see the Catur Muka Statue (four face statues). While in the south of the museum, there is the Jagatnatha Temple.

In addition to a collection of ethnographic objects, the features of Bali Bali Museum are also located in a royal palace-style building with four pavilions as representative districts in Bali. Each pavilion displays local collections from each sub-district which are the advantages of the Bali Denpasar Museum.

Ticket prices for Bali Bali museums are relatively very affordable. To be able to enjoy the attractions of Bali Denpasar Bali museum, tourists are charged an entrance fee of Rp. 10,000, -. Visiting the Bali Museum can be done on Sundays to Fridays, starting at 8:00 a.m. until 15:00 p.m. On Saturdays and national holidays, the Bali museum is not open to the public.

Activities at the Bali Denpasar Museum
You will never get bored when visiting Bali Bali Museum Bali. Visitors look adventurous and tour directly explore all areas of Bali. The Tabanan Pavilion features a South Balinese architectural style located in the northern part of the museum. The Tabanan Pavilion displays a collection of ethnographic and artistic objects, such as dance costumes, masks, shadow puppets, kris and some ancient statues.

The Karangasem Pavilion illustrates typical Balinese building art. The collection owned by the pavilion is no less powerful than other pavilions. Featuring works of art, namely paintings, archaeological objects and prehistoric relics.

The Buleleng Pavilion symbolizes North Bali architecture. The pavilion was built using donations directly from King Buleleng. Collections that can be found are simple clay sculptures, various Balinese lifestyle equipment such as household appliances, agricultural equipment, fishermen, and stone tools. The Buleleng Pavilion also has traditional collections and Balinese costumes, such as traditional Balinese fans.

The last pavilion at the main entrance has a high-rise kulkul. Kulkul is a traditional tool for gathering citizens. The ground floor of the pavilion contains a collection of Balinese prehistoric objects in four groups of periods. The period of hunting and collecting simple food, the period of hunting and gathering advanced foods, cultivation periods and perundagian periods.

In addition to the ground floor, it also has a collection of historical objects from the Balinese people and three advanced periods, namely the period of ancient Bali, medieval Bali, and new Bali. While above in this pavilion contains a collection of traditional Balinese art and objects that symbolize the heyday of Balinese culture in various aspects of life.

Bali Island has its own charm. Culture and customs are a symbol that is inherent in Balinese society until now. The aspects of life that are the culmination of culture can be seen through religious rituals, works of art and art, architecture, agriculture, the textile industry to modern technology. Foreign influences that enter Bali can be absorbed and adapted into new cultures, but indigenous cultures and traditions remain firmly embedded in them.

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