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Setia Darma House Of Mask and Puppet

Setia Darma House Of Mask and Puppet as Bali Museum Tourism Object

The House of Mask and wayang Setia Darma or often called Setia Darma House Of Mask and Puppet it is located in Banjar Tengkulak Tengah, Gianyar, Bali. This is a museum that has a collection of items of no less than 1,200 masks and 6900 puppets, statues and dolls from all over the world.

interestingly, the types of puppets in this museum are very diverse, such as from Indonesia, there are Wayang Kulit, Wayang Golek, Wayang Rumput, Wayang Potehi, Wayang Wahyu, while from overseas there are typical types of puppets from the countries of India, Sri Lanka, China and even from neighboring countries, namely Malaysia.

which is quite unique, there is a wooden puppet from Mali Africa, where the head is elliptical, because it is believed by their ancestors from outer space.

The origin history of Setia Darma House Of Mask and Puppet

Starting from a sense of concern for the masks and puppets that are increasingly declining and increasingly forgotten from time to time even endangered, also because of his love for art, especially mask and puppets, came the idea of ​​a humanist named Hadi Sunyoto to collect masks and puppets for private collections .

The objects of high artistic value were obtained from a number of regions of the archipelago even from abroad such as Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries in the Continent of Asia and Africa to Europe. After accumulating little by little for up to 8 years, then the idea arose to make a place to put these aesthetic objects so that they could be preserved and opened to the public so that they would be useful for many people.
The background of making Bali as the Setia Darma House Of Mask and Puppet is because Bali wants to preserve the culture of the archipelago, especially masks and puppets when everyone has forgotten and started to leave these aesthetic objects. On this basis, RTWSD is made with the concept of Balinese architecture combined with the characteristics of regions in the archipelago such as Joglo and limasan typical of Java, thus adding to the attractiveness of tourists who want to visit this mask house.

Setia Darma House Of Mask and Puppet

Facilities at Setia Darma House Of Mask and Puppet
There is a performance room to showcase mask and puppet works, where it is often held in international class puppets and attended by various countries in the world. In addition to masks and puppets, other domestic arts are also often performed on open stages such as the traditional dance of the archipelago. And various other supporting public facilities such as public toilets, tropical parks, resting places and so on.

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