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Chocolate, some people may like the sweet chocolate taste and sometimes there is also a slightly bitter impression. The content in chocolate can relieve stress and improve one's mood. And for those of you who are big fans of chocolate, maybe you can visit one of the places in Bali which is also one of the chocolate paradise, namely Pod Chocolate Bali.

At Pod Chocolate Bali, you can experience a variety of unique types of chocolate. Besides that, you can also watch the process of making chocolate, look around the chocolate garden, harvest the process, try making chocolate yourself, and various other exciting activities. No wonder that this place is a chocolate lover's paradise in Bali.

Located in a forested area in the Carangsari area, Badung regency, Bali. Here you are welcomed with a warm drink as a welcome sign. Then you will be taken to see the process of making chocolate, starting from the selection of cocoa beans from the plantation, harvesting, then to the fermentation and roasting process.

In addition to seeing the chocolate making process, you can also taste raw cocoa beans, baked beans, and more. Here you can also make your own chocolate for you to take home and make it as a souvenir.

In Pod Chocolate you will find unique types of chocolate that you rarely find in supermarkets or minimarkets usually. In Pod Chocolate, there are two styles of chocolate, namely classic and nectar. You can enjoy chocolate products such as classic bars, nectar bars, poches nectar, various praline flavors, and others.

For classic bars you can taste chocolate with flavors such as Peppermint dark chocolate, orange dark chocolate, Bali 44% Milk chocolate. Then for the nectar bar you can taste Balinese chocolate Cinnamon, Ginger & Lemongrass, Bali Chilli, Rosella flower & Casshew, Sea Salt & Casshew Nibs. Besides chocolate, you can also taste various kinds of pralines such as Passion Fruit Pod, Caramel sea salt Pod, Bali Coffe Pod, Pod hearts, Pod Lips, and various other products. You can visit Pod Chocolate directly because there are many more types of unique chocolate products that you can find.

Various Types of Delicious Food at Pod Chocolate Bali
Pod Chocolate also has a cafe. The cafe is located on Sunset Road Kuta and Bali's domestic airport. There are also various kinds of chocolates and other dishes from chocolate. You can enjoy pure hot pod chocolate, various kinds of dessert or desserts, pastries, organic salads.

In addition, there are also other menus such as chocolate frappes, children's favorite snacks, unique dishes namely cacao fried rice, Spaghetti Marinara Chocolate, as well as a variety of unique and delicious dishes from other chocolates. Pod Shop & Cafe is the right place for you to gather with friends or family. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and don't forget to bring home the delicious chocolate products for your family, friends and loved ones.

And, the honey bear that you can hug in the Chocolate Pod. Although honey bears are known to be fierce, but the sun bears raised at Pod Chocolate Bali have been tame and friendly to humans. That said, this honey bear belonging to Pod Chocolate was saved from illegal hunters. To be able to hug the honey bear and take your photo, you will be accompanied by the handler.

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POD Chocolate

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