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Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park as Bali Animal Conservation Tourism Object

Located in Kemenuh village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. This tourist destination for butterflies began on September 28, 2015. The location of Kemenuh Butterfly Park is very strategic, it's in the middle of popular tourist destinations in Bali, so those who want to pack a one-way tour to the park will be easier to arrange.

Likewise, access to the location to Kemenuh Butterfly Park is quite easy, located on the edge of the main highway Kemenuh. The trip from Denpasar takes only 45 minutes to drive, while the distance from the airport is around 35 km, so it is quite affordable. So if you go from Denpasar to the Baby statue in the village of Sakah, then turn right towards the village highway Sakah continues to Jalan Kemenuh about 400 meters from the statue of the Baby Sakah you have arrived at the location, this butterfly park is located on the left (North ) Street.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Butterflies are very interesting animals, belonging to the type of insect or in the order Lepidoptera (scales with winged scales), beautiful appearance with beautiful wings, making many people interested to enjoy and get to know this animal more closely. For this reason Kemenuh Butterfly Park offers the best offer for you to be recreational, experimenting or educating. Kemenuh Butterfly Park was founded by Ida Bagus Witara who is also a manager.

Kemenuh Butterfly Park, is intended for recreational places in Bali, which is an alternative destination after you are satisfied to see the natural beauty of the beach or mountains, travel with family or with children. Aside from being a tourist attraction, this butterfly park in Gianyar Bali is a place of conservation and education. Visitors can learn and know how the breeding process of these butterflies, starting from laying eggs, hatching, then flying freely and finally becoming an adult butterfly. Of course all these experiences are interesting things to document while taking selfies.

How can you find the life cycle of butterflies in Kemenuh Butterfly Park, besides being able to watch live, information boards are also displayed on the wall to provide information about the process of metamorphosis of these insects, such as a series of butterflies after laying out experiencing changes in the nymph phase embryo shape, then the pupa phase as the process of becoming a cocoon then the imago phase is the final process of the insect metamorphosis to become an adult butterfly, all this is the initial information before you witness the holiday sensation at Kemenuh Butterfly Park.

Through the lobby of Kemenuh Butterfly Park visitors enter the park area, here is a giant cage intended for the butterfly's living area, various types of butterflies fly freely in a large cage whose roof is wire mesh, so that the butterfly cannot out of the park. Various types of plants and flowers are planted according to the needs for the main food of the butterfly, so that throughout the season there is no shortage of food. In addition to flower plants for butterflies, various types of trees are planted for caterpillars.

The Butterfly Garden in Gianyar is indeed well organized, the existence of flower gardens and trees blends beautifully with butterflies flying in a giant cage. With beautiful natural nuances, including views of the surrounding rice fields, visitors will feel at home and at home in this park. If you are lucky, you can see how the butterfly processes its eggs before the phase becomes a cocoon and an adult butterfly. A special educational tourist spot for your children, or for those who want to do research.

Butterflies prefer the weather to be rather cool, and to avoid hot weather, a tool to produce artificial dew or rain is made so that the scales' feather insects are not too hot, as well as anticipating a butterfly shelter when it rains. Cocoon is made a special place, so sometimes you can witness firsthand how the cocoon changes into a butterfly. In Kemenuh Butterfly Park there are around 15 butterfly species and the target is up to 50 species, so the Kemenuh Butterfly Park will later become the biggest butterfly park in Bali.

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Kemenuh Butterfly Park

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