Bali Zoo as Bali Animal Conservation Tourism Object

Bali Zoo Park is one of the second largest zoos after Bali safari and Marine Park, its existence being a tourist destination in Bali, located on Singapadu, Batuan, Sukawati, Gianyar. Having a diverse collection of animals, so that many are visited by domestic and foreign tourists, during school holidays, zoos become study tourism destinations, especially for kindergartens and schools above.

Bali Zoo Bali Tourism

The existence of the Bali Zoo, enriches the list of attractions in Bali, doubling the destination of tour packages. This small island not only has beautiful coastal scenery, temples, lakes, valleys and mountains. But the zoo in the midst of a large park, tropical trees become a special place for traveling, the atmosphere of the Bali Zoo seems natural as forest animal habitat for life can even breed well. The zoo is also a place of tourism as well as a means of education or research for the development of science.

Bali Zoo as a Tourist Destination in Bali

Getting to know more and wanting to be closer to wildlife, zoos like Bali Zoo Park can be the next tourist destination in arranging tours in Bali, strategic places in Batubulan - Ubud and Kintamani tourist routes. In order for you to easily package your visit to other attractions in the area, we even package a half-day tour package in the Ubud Tour package on the way to Ubud monkey forest objects then to Bali Zoo Park.

The Bali Zoo Zoo, located close to the tourist area, from Kuta and Ngurah Rai airport can be reached in 45 minutes by car, from downtown Sanur and Denpasar in a 20 minute drive. The strategic location is indeed possible to combine your tour, besides being suitable for children, it is also ideal for adults, in this zoo you can enjoy lunch or dinner with the residents of the Zoo collection.

Bali Zoo Bali Tourism

The Bali Zoo is built on an area of ​​14 hectares, full of beautiful gardens, neat and clean forest arrangement, full of tropical trees, tall shrubs and grass and fertile terraces, we are in a forest with different shades -different. in accordance with the natural habitat of gardeners, by treating rare animals that we rarely find in everyday life, will be an interesting excursion in Bali.

The Bali Zoo in Singapadu Gianyar was opened in 2002, starting with a collection of around 350 rare animals, most of which are birds and poultry such as peacocks, eagles, starlings, cassowaries, cockatoos and other Asian bird species. There are also collections of mammals such as bears, African lions, Sumatran tigers, deer, camels, orangutans and kangaroos imported from Australia, there is also a collection of reptiles, one of which is a rare and protected animal from Flores, there are also pythons, green snakes and iguanas.

Likewise with trees in the Bali Zoo, in addition to tropical trees in general there is also a group of plants that function as medicinal materials such as sandalwood trees, cloves, eucalyptus, noni and matoa. Trees that function for Hindu rituals such as palm trees, coconuts, nagasari, majegau, yellow bamboo, palm downloads etc., even trees for cooking needs such as bay leaves, limes and melinjo.

Bali Zoo Bali Tourism

The Singapadu zoo continues to add to its collection of animals such as white tigers, mountain goats, hippos, Japanese monkeys, macaque macaques. Bali Zoo Park also cooperates with a number of zoos in Indonesia in animal exchange programs, through the breeding and conservation programs carried out, it is hoped that this endangered species will not become extinct from planet Earth.

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Bali Animal Conservation Tourism

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Bali Zoo

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