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Who doesn't know and love the island of Bali? Most people will certainly agree to this opinion. Because there are so many tourism places and activities in Bali, there are several categories that we provide for you to be more easily explored.

Natural Bali Tourism, is a tourism category in Bali where you will find Bali's natural attractions that are beautiful, charming and of course interesting and you should not miss them when you discuss Bali. You will find beautiful panoramic waterfalls, beaches, cliffs that are astonishing in this part of Bali Nature Tourism.

Furthermore, Bali Cultural Tourism, Bali has so many customs and cultures because of its diverse history and society, in this section you will find and maybe learn about some of the history of places of worship in Bali that often have unique and beautiful locations, cultural sites like temples or other places of worship.

Base on places category

We give you the opportunity to explore, to find inspiration, customize and design your own tour itinerary with our very own version of tourism categories that we've provided

Here are the Tourism categories in Bali that we provide based on the characteristics of the place, the type of tourist attraction and the historical value contained in it. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Natural Bali Tourism

Bali is very rich in natural beauty. Every district almost all have the potential of a beautiful natural uniqueness. So many choices of natural attractions are offered by the island of Bali, ranging from beaches, natural mountains, valleys, beautiful and wide stretches of rice and rivers and lakes.

Where all of them have exotic beauty and certainly can create moments your vacation will be more memorable
Bali Natural Tourism

Cultural Bali Tourism

In addition to the beautiful nature, Bali is also very blessed with a wealth of cultures from various types which is many in number, almost in each district has a unique cultural diversity.

Like example, from Pura as a place of worship with beautiful backgrounds, enchanting dances, unique customs and customs from the native peoples and also the impressive cultural heritage.
Bali Cultural Tourism

Bali Culinary Tourism

Culinary tour variations based on culinary menus. Almost every regency in Bali has all the typical culinary menus, which of course will be very interesting as a reference for travelers interested in tourism with the theme of culinary tourism
Bali Culinary Tourism

Bali Animal Tourism

There are several choices of tourist destinations for you animal lovers in Bali. The variety of animals in Bali is also very diverse. So of course you will enjoy to find out more information about the tourist category for those of you who are truly animal lovers in Bali

Bali Animal Tourism

Bali Urban Tourism

Bali Tourism Urban in style, offers something that is not only traditional. Instead, stick to something beautiful, fun in solidarity with a modern lifestyle with inseparable from the beauty of nature in Bali
Bali Urban Tourism

Bali Exhibition Tourism

Bali Exhibition Tourism

Bali Tourism Exhibition Show Object References

Bali Treatment Tourism

In addition to the beautiful nature, Bali is also endowed with a wealth of cultures of various types and many in number, almost in every district has its own unique cultural diversity.

From Pura places of worship with beautiful backgrounds, dances, customs and unique local habits and impressive cultural history relics
Bali Treatment Tourism