Bali Pandawa Fly Fish Adventure

This Pandawa Bali Fly Fish water sports adventure game activity is a water sports game that uses a rubber boat shaped like a fish. Where above there is a rubber link, and on the right edge and left side there is a kind of wing resembling a fish fin.

This game is done max for three people. Two fly fish participants on the right and left sides, and one guide in the middle. There are several choices for the position of fly fish participants when joining this game. Like sitting like riding a motorcycle or riding a horse, and sleep on your back. The Flying Fish Bali inflatable boat will be pulled by a speed boat from the shore to the center of the beach. The speed boat is driven by two guides at high speed and downwind.

Because against the wind, a flying fish boat will fly as high as approximately two meters above sea water. The flying height depends on the speed of the wind. From a distance it will look like a kite flying in the sea.

Before trying the Tanjung Benoa fly fish game, the guide is happy to give you a briefing. Briefing starts from the right position when driving a flying fish, and the initial and final rules of the Tanjung Benoa fly fish game.

Passenger comfort and safety are highly preferred in the game of fly fish. Tools used such as flying fish and buoy rubber boats must meet international standards. A speed boat for pulling flying fish, always checked before use. Checks like machinery, fuel and other important things to maintain your safety. The game of fly fish is very suitable for teenagers and parents who have adventurous souls.

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Activity: Water Sports

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