Kelan Beach Camel Riding

It is an exciting experience to enjoy camel riding activities in beautiful Kelan Beach, near the famous seafood restaurant in Jimbaran Bay. The trip will be accompanied by expert and experienced guides who will guarantee your safety and comfort.

Kelan is one of the villages in the sub-districts of Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia, located to the south of the Ngurah Rai airport and north of Kedonganan. Kelan Adat Village has two banjars: Kelan Desa Banjar and Kelan Abian Banjar with a total of about 350 families, most of them traditionally working as fishermen and farmers, currently some also in the tourism industry at the airport.

Kelan Beach is in the northernmost part of Jimbaran Bay, above the fish market. Other parts of Jimbaran Bay are called Muaya Beach (in the southernmost part) and Kedonganan Beach.

The beach name became popular when Paris Hilton, who often took vacations on the island of Bali, posted a photo on Instagram showing a photo of herself and her best friend on Kelan beach. When you visit this beach, you can enjoy the view of the airport and also the sunset and white sand beach.

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Bali Camel Riding Adventure

Kelan Beach Camel Riding

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Kelan Beach

Kelan Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Bali, which is still rarely visited by tourists, even though its location is very easy to access, it is located in one coastal area on Jimbaran beach, if the southern location is Muaya beach (Jimbaran), Kedonganan and the northernmost Kelan beach. Has the same beauty, such as white sand beaches and a beautiful sunset.

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  • Minimum 2 Persons.
  • Extra charge IDR 250.000 per transport ( 5 persons mximum capacity )
  • Pregnant women, people who are sick or handycap are not allowed to ride the camel
  • The prices listed are price per activity item and do not include transport prices
  • Reservations are needed to ensure current service availability
  • We accept USD, AUD & Euro
  • These payment terms apply only to this tour package section only
  • You may choose to make full payment in cash if you use our airport shuttle service
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Kelan Beach Camel Riding Package

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Rp250.000 per Adult

Rp200.000 per Children
( Age between 2 - 11th )

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