Bali Paragliding

The main flight zone and training center are located on the stunning Pura Gunung Payung Beach, Sawangan - Nusa Dua or Uluwatu Beach. Experience with paragliding, we will get stunning views, consisting of steep cliffs, pristine beaches, blue seas, temples, and waves that break down coral reefs making a great place to learn to fly or relax while enjoying the scenery.

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Bali Paragliding Uluwatu Site Adventure

Bali Paragliding

Activity: Paragliding
  • Approximately minimum 6 to 15 minutes fly over Pura Gunung Payung beach, Sawangan, Nusa Dua area or NyangNyang Beach, Uluwatu with highly-experienced, , and International-licensed professional paragliding tandem masters.
  • International highly-quality paragliding flying gear and equipments uses (canopy, reserve parachutes, tandem harness, helmet ).
  • Insurance for Paragliding Tandem that cover maximum IDR 150,000,000. for all guest per a year activity.

Things to carry:

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  • Participant have to be between the age of 6 to 60 years. Participants should not be suffering from any heart problems, high blood pressure, pregnancy or any other medical conditions that prohibits them from engaging in vigorous activities.
  • Ordinary, the most available fight seasons are during Indonesian dry season (April-Nov), but in Bali could fly almost every month except during raining and storm weather.
  • Final confirmation is 10 am, on the day of service.
  • Flying time is between 10 to 6 pm (sunset time) every flyable day prior to weather consideration (no rain, no gusty wind).
  • Amount of payment is based on name list received by final confirmation
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